Design concept

One: the origin of car manufacturing

    As an amateur rider who yearns for adventure and loves off-road. I want to buy an eco-friendly, no foot-start climbing, no, they are all foot-start, and most of them are two-stroke engines, with blue smoke, smelly and dirty, not easy to start, not easy to get started, want There is no off-road motorcycle with high performance, bottom center of gravity, and lightweight seat height. The lightest ktm is more than 90 kilograms. It is also a two-stroke. Build one yourself that meets the above requirements. It also helps other drivers around the world who think like me solve their problems.

Two: R & D process

    1: target

    Our company regards climbing motorcycles with the highest technology content in the world as competitive products. The lightest known ones are the titanium alloy version of TRRS one300 and vertigo, which is 66 kg, but that is dry weight, which is nearly 70 kg with oil, gasoline and cooling water. . The engine, exhaust pipe, carburetor or EFI, water tank, cooling fan, and fuel tank are over 30 kg. Most manufacturers do not mark the power and torque. Vertigo introduces 31.5 horsepower on its foreign official website, and Montesa marks 16.3kw on its Japanese official website. , the torque is 26.8 Nm, then I set the goal of the 3-electric system not to exceed 30 kg, the peak power of 25kw (34) horsepower, and the peak torque of 60 Nm to start research and development. Let the super sports car be killed just like Tesla's acceleration performance.

    2 Decomposition goals

    So we set the battery pack within 16 kg, which can be installed in the climbing frame, and the output power target of 25kw. The motor is within 11.5 kg, the diameter is less than 160, the length is less than 200, and the controller is within 2.5 kg. A total of no more than 30 kilograms, just these three goals, let me stumped most of the domestic new energy companies, the performance can meet the requirements, the weight and volume can not meet the requirements, the volume and weight can meet the standard, the power can not meet the standard, said This is an impossible target. I said that the motor has achieved the level of 5Kw per kilogram abroad. I only need 2.5kw per kilogram. Why can't it be achieved? Why can't we achieve what can be achieved abroad.

    3 actions

    Just bought the MXR electric motorcycle of the most advanced foreign company (defunct) and the titanium alloy version of vertigo. Its motor is 5Kg and weighs 50p horsepower, the power density reaches 7.4kw/kg, and the energy density of the battery pack is It is 187 wh/kg, decomposed and developed. The first-generation motor has a diameter of 160, but a length of 220, a weight of 12 kg, and an efficiency of 94%, which exceeds the efficiency of several domestic listed companies. Most of their motors are less than 90% efficient, which is already the first-class level in China, but the right side of the motor exceeds the frame by 20mm, and the weight exceeds 0.5 kg. The R&D team believes that it is already the best level in China, and there is no need for it. Upgrading, it is normal for the width of the engine to exceed the frame by 30-50mm. I said that the target must be reached. If it is not achieved, it will not be put into production. After re-development and design, top domestic and foreign materials are used, and the cost is increased by 35%. Finally, the diameter of 154 is completed. mm, the length of the gear box is 199mm, the weight is 10.98kg, the efficiency is 96%, the energy density of the battery pack is over 200wh/kg, and the weight is 14.3kg. The weight of the controller is 2.2kg. The three powers total 27.5kg. Exceeds the weight of foreign two-stroke engines.

   4 Frame material

   In order to reduce weight, we must first study from the material science. There are mainly four kinds of lightweight materials in the world, carbon fiber, titanium alloy, high-strength steel and aluminum alloy. We start from the characteristics of various materials. Carbon fiber is a high-strength material. The representative of low weight, but he has several shortcomings, the price is expensive, everyone agrees, and it is irreparable, the surface is easy to oxidize, the advantages of titanium alloy are high strength, high elasticity, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, no need for surface treatment. Can achieve permanent as new, the disadvantage is high price, large processing, large welding, high-strength steel is mainly represented by chrome-molybdenum steel. , The aluminum alloy frame is beautiful in appearance, relatively low in strength, and the production is the easiest. Most domestic car companies use aluminum alloy and ordinary iron frames.

    5 Frame R&D

    Titanium alloys are used in bicycles and foreign top motorcycles. If others can do it, our company can't do it. The company began to find top domestic engineers in this area to solve production and processing problems. The frame needs to be bent and welded. Titanium alloys With high strength and good elasticity, the bending tube has become a problem. Through the technical achievements of the difficult worker for 35 consecutive days, the production problem of titanium alloy has been solved. The company also produces chrome-molybdenum steel frames and aluminum alloy frames. The chrome-molybdenum frame is just starting in China. It has only been seen on European luxury motorcycles and modified racing cars. Japanese car companies do not play chrome-molybdenum steel very much. Only play with aluminum alloy car and steel frame, the company is fortunate to find a famous old engineer of chrome molybdenum steel to help solve the production process problem of chrome molybdenum.

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