Cost of use and warranty

What riders are most concerned about is the life of the battery. Our company offers a 1-year warranty for the battery and motor, or the battery capacity is not less than 70% after 1000 riding hours, whichever comes first. The battery pack has a built-in timer, and each time the power is turned on Starting to record the time, the whole vehicle is guaranteed for 1 year.

The usage fee is less than 2 yuan per charge, and you can play for a whole day. Compared with a 2-stroke engine, you can reach 4.5-5 liters of gasoline riding time. Combined with the mixing ratio of 1:50, it is more than 10 yuan per liter. , that is to say, the fuel cost of driving a two-stroke is about 50 yuan each time, and you only need less than 2 yuan. Many riders say that playing a car does not care about this money. Yes, once or twice is not bad, 365 days a year, every day is bad. 50 yuan, which is 18,000 yuan per year, how much equipment and tires can be sold, and the oil truck is maintained every 15-25 hours, which ranges from 100-500 each time, and the piston connecting rod needs to be replaced every 75-150 hours according to the manufacturer's requirements The crankshaft needs to be replaced every time it doubles, ranging from 1,000-8,000 yuan each time, 1,000 hours of basic maintenance 30-50 times, overhaul 3-6 times, the preliminary estimate will cost 6,000-73,000 yuan, and most cars need 10,000 yuan. Between RMB -20,000, plus the annual fuel fee, you can actually save the cost of buying a car after driving for 1-3 years. Compared with the gasoline car, it is an electric car for nothing. Plug in the charger at home, and it is as convenient as charging a mobile phone. , Save the trouble of taking the ID card oil drum to the gas station to register, and go home to adjust the mixed oil. 

In the end, many riders will say that you have said so many benefits, why don't you say that you are out of power? In fact, you can think that the standard model can reach 4.5 to 5 liters of gasoline on a single charge, which basically allows you to play all day. The large-capacity model basically has the same battery life as an off-road motorcycle, even if you are really not enough, the charger is only one kilogram A little more, put it on the car, it will not affect your riding, you must eat at noon, right? When you have dinner time to charge the battery, it will basically give you a fun and comfortable afternoon to play, as long as you are tired, the car still has electricity. There are also riders who say that the tram has no sound and no passion. In fact, this is very simple. As long as you are willing, I can provide you with a kit. Then you can have a two-stroke sound, a four-stroke sound, and a twin-cylinder engine. There are three sound waves. The sound of a cylinder engine, or the sound of a four-cylinder engine, I can make you realize the charming sound of the engine.

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