Three: performance comparison

    The world has mass-produced electric off-road motorcycles with the lightest weight of the same power, the highest power of the same weight and the longest battery life. 800N, the maximum battery life is 200 kilometers, and the 0-100 acceleration is 3.5 seconds. There is no electric car in the world that can reach the same performance and battery life within 30% of the weight of our company's car.

Four: Control, Convenience and Fall Resistance

   7 elements are required for motorcycles to achieve the ultimate control and convenience

   1 Car weight: Climbing less than 65kg, off-road less than 70kg, extremely lightweight.

    2 center of gravity

    The goal is to have the highest ground clearance in the world with the lowest center of gravity. Through the arrangement of the three-electric system, the center of gravity is the lowest in the industry. Most of the arrangements in the industry are that the motor is at the bottom, the electronic control is in the middle or in front of the battery, and the battery is at the top. The center of gravity is naturally higher, which affects the control, company engineers and design. The teacher's plan is also to have the motor below, the battery above the motor, and the electronic control in front of the motor, so that the space is better arranged and the design is better. I firmly disagree with this plan.

    There is not enough space. We need to buckle it out one millimeter by one millimeter. Then try to keep the motor back and the electric control forward, so that the controller can be placed in front of the motor. As a result, the position of the motor is too close to the rear fork. Only 13 teeth and above can be installed. The belt drive solution designed by Gates cannot be installed due to the diameter of the front pulley of 80mm, so the front pulley of 72mm has been redesigned. In order to lower the center of gravity by 6mm, the frame If the bottom tube is flattened, a new mold needs to be opened, which will increase production and cost. I said that it must be done to increase the control performance. Don’t give up reducing the center of gravity for a little more investment and production costs. I, the motor and controller team, we will think together The solution must meet my requirements,

    3 spaces

    The electronically controlled 2.5 kg position moves from the front of the battery pack to the front of the motor, which can lower the center of gravity by 20 cm, resulting in an extreme reduction in the center of gravity. Placing it in front of the battery will affect our current storage space. This storage space is for When you go off-road, bring drinking water, raincoats or chargers, maintenance tools, etc., now you don't need a backpack when you go off-road, you can play to the point of being silly.

    4 unsprung mass

    What is the unsprung mass, that is, the front and rear wheel assemblies plus the suspension part. There is a saying that the unsprung weight is one or two more than the weight of the car by one kilogram, so the unsprung mass is related to the stability of the control, so we start from the wheel rim. Starting with the flat fork shock absorber after the tire, to achieve the ultimate lightweight, in order to achieve the ultimate control.

    5: Handling

    1: There is no clutch, no gear, no need to start the engine, start right away, unlike climbing cars, many riders are tired of climbing mountains and play with their feet, and the engine is turned off, and it can't start at all. It's really laborious, I Sometimes when you look at me, I'm tired for him. You don't need to worry about electric cars at all, especially when you are climbing a mountain and turning. I believe many riders will encounter this situation. Locally, when the accelerator and clutch are not well controlled, the engine is turned off, the car will fall directly, it will crush people or reverse the car, but when driving a tram, you don't need to worry about it. can take you to the top of the mountain anytime.

    2: When you drive a gas car, especially during a race, most drivers will feel that it is very difficult to twist the clutch, because after a race, you don’t know how many times you have to unscrew the clutch, so that many drivers have no strength to twist the clutch in the end, you don’t need the tram. Clutch, let you go straight ahead, take the best results.

    3: There is no gear, and the high torque characteristic of the motor starts from low rotation, so that he does not need a gear, so that the driver has a full advantage in the forest road race. Every time a corner is turned, the oil car driver must first downshift and go out to refuel. The process of changing gears and refueling, especially when you are climbing, you have to stretch your feet forward to change gears. Especially in competitions, you need to earn time for a few milliseconds. It takes at least a few seconds to change gears once, and it must be in a stable center of gravity. Only under the premise of lifting the foot to change the gear, the tram left the bay and the switch was turned on.

    4: Left-hand rear brake: The advantage of the left-hand rear brake is very obvious. When climbing mountains and passing obstacles, the driver will not leave the handlebars. The rear brake of the car and tram is on the left hand, braking at any time to ensure safe and fast passing.

6: Convenience

    1: You can drive the company's Polar Leopard electric car to play in the community, parks, and squares without being complained and accused. Because there is no noise and pollution, you can play as you want? It will not pollute the environment due to 2-flush exhaust smoke.

    2: The battery pack can be replaced, allowing you to revive with full blood in three minutes. You can also choose a total of four battery packs with different capacities to meet the needs of different users.

7: Anti-fall

    During the design, the engineers fully considered the problem of the car's anti-fall, and it was inevitable that the car would fall when climbing obstacles. Through design optimization and the efforts of the three electric departments, the width of the lower part of the body was controlled at 183mm, which is the narrowest body in the world, except for the pedals on both sides. The motor does not need a gear, and the foot brake becomes a handbrake, which makes it a thing of the past for the oil car to frequently break the gear lever and brake lever, and greatly reduces the risk of cracking the motor side cover.

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